Bioactive Services, llc.

Blending & Jar filling


Jar Filling

Our Jar Filling operation was created as an answer to our customers requests for their formulations to be packaged.

Now you can have it all done in one location: formulation created, ingredients sourced, ingredients treated, blended and filled on site.

  • Package Options: Single Jar, Twin Pak, Pouch
  • Jar Fill Capacity: Min 100 g
  • Jar Fill Product: Powder
  • Lid Sealing: Induction
  • Production Capacity: semi-automated line 7000 /day
  • All process strictly follow NSF/GMP protocols.
  • Available certifiable for OTC Organic, OU Kosher.

Toll Blending

Need your ingredients blended in a fully certified facility?Send them to us. If you need a special ingredient for your blend, just ask, our sourcing department may be able to help!
Capacity Batch/Day
250 kg 2
1000 kg 2
5000 kg 1-2
* depending on product density

Repacking Options
  • Recyclable Carboard Boxes: 25kg minimums
  • Recyclable Paper Sacks: 25kg minimums
  • Polyethylene Super Sacks: 500kg maximums
*  at no additional cost

Toll Sterilization

Our Safe Sterilization Services offer a continuous process kill-step that is capable of  treating  dry ingredients, in sizes from powders to pieces, gently, naturally, providing consistent 5 log outcomes.

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